How to React to the Incessant Asking of an Elderly with Alzheimer’s

Trish Harvey | October 6, 2018 | 0 | Health & Beauty

Aside from dementia, another common ailment that the elderly suffer from is Alzheimer’s. Indeed, old age affects a person’s short-term memory the most. When you yourself are caring for an ageing parent with Alzheimer’s, there are certain work-arounds that you can resort to. However, you would normally say that “it’s best to leave it in the hands of the professional aged care facilities near me.” After all, these aged care providers are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in handling seniors who have such mental conditions.

But for the time being that you are the one giving your elderly loved one care, it is important that you know how to handle situations. Particularly when he or she starts to repeat the same question multiple times, things can get difficult. Any family member when asked about sending an elderly relative to an aged care facility would say I’d look for aged care facilities close to me. That’s because any conversation with a loved suffering from Alzheimer’s would almost always end up into a shouting match. Nonetheless, there are cardinal rules to remember to avoid this scenario.


  • It is necessary for you to respond to the emotions and not the words.


You can’t just say “I could easily bring my loved one to the aged care facilities near me.” If you think your elderly is not ready, all you need to do is to squeeze his or her hand or give the person a reassuring hug as you answer the question. This would likely put a stop to his or her incessant asking.


  • Make sure that you answer simply and briefly.


There’s a tendency for us to answer the questions of our elderly loved ones with Alzheimer’s in the manner that we do our peers. The rule of thumb is that the shorter and simpler the answer is, the better it would be. Imagine the exasperation of having to repeat a long explanation for a couple of times. You certainly don’t want to stress yourself that way.


  • You have to distract your loved one with any activity they like to do.


There are times when it can be unbearable, but remember that you can always distract your loved one’s attention through something he or she is interested in. It could be a favourite treat or beverage. You may ask them a different question, too, or simply ask your loved one to engage in a simple chore such as folding clothes.


  • Get away from it all for a few minutes.


You might run out of patience at times. It would help if you try to walk away for a while, have a restroom break, go out and smell fresh air, or walk for 10 minutes or so. When you get back, you’ll feel better and ready to tackle the situation again.


Yes, you can say “there are many aged care facilities in my area”, but when dealing with an elderly who suffers from Alzheimer’s, you need patience and the smartest techniques.


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