The Warranty is Important

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The photocopier is a central piece of equipment in many offices, as well as school staff rooms and elsewhere. It can be in constant use. Many of the faults that occur are quite often down to human error and people “rushing” to get a job done. This could be a report that has to be sent out and copied immediately to a whole range of tasks. In a High School, someone is off sick, and work has to be produced at once to keep the “class from hell” busy, in only 30 minutes. The wrong paper is loaded into the photocopier, and also, quite probably, not loaded properly. The machine will inevitably jam. People then panic, and chunks of paper are cleared from inside the machine, which usually makes things a lot worse, as paper is left in there and mechanisms get dislodged. The solution is of course, to call a professional company that can deal with this. They should also have a comprehensive Warranty & Repair Policy. The photocopier may well be a critical piece of equipment in any place of work. If there are problems there needs to be a reassurance that it will be repaired properly with a correct Warranty & Repair Policy.

Warranty & Repair Policy

So what is needed in a Warranty & Repair Policy? The following should be included in a photocopier Warranty & Repair Policy along with some additional points:

  • To get in contact with the organization within 48 hours and to make contact with all the concerned parties.
  • To make a thorougher analysis of the problem. Following that, suggest then provide a solution along with a reasonable service charge.
  • To come up with a reasonable fee for replacement parts and equipment. This could also include any consumables and stock that might be needed. All of this has to be compatible with the make and model of each specific photocopier.
  • Again, it is critical that any replacement parts, be they direct from the photocopier manufacturers, or second hand, are compatible for each machine. It is also critical that once these parts have been properly installed, they will function correctly according to the specifications set by the manufacturer.
  • Each photocopier will have a unique sequential serial number. This needs to be recorded and used to determine the correct parts etc that may well be needed to properly repair the photocopier. This identifies the make and model of each machine. This needs to be kept safe for the future. If problems occur again, then a repair company can quickly identify what may be needed by having this serial number readily available.
  • Trained technicians will be at hand during the repair of the photocopier. They will be able to provide advice as to what was the cause of the problem. This may be down to a machine problem, such as a worn part, or toner ink running dry. If it is human error, then instructions should be given to reinforce the correct procedures for using a photocopier. In the future, if there is no immediate solution, then the only option may be to immediately call the repair company again.

It is again important, that a correct photocopier Warranty Repair is provided by a reputable photocopier Repairs company.

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